Pizza Friday!

When it’s colder outside, my husband and I (almost) always have pizza for dinner on Friday’s. It’s one of our favorite comfort foods and at the end of our busy work weeks, we like to treat ourselves with some delicious homemade pizza. We use our bread machine to make the pizza dough. We make enough dough for each of us to have our own large pizza. This way, we always have enough for lunch on Saturdays (or sometimes breakfast)

Since summer hit, we have not been wanting to turn the oven on. We have a fairly old oven and it heats up the house so quickly. Great in the winter, not so much in summer.  Today, we had a cold front come in. So, pizza Friday!

I made my sauce with just a can of diced tomatoes, raw cashews, garlic powder, nooch, and a bit of olive oil. I threw it all in the blender to make us extra creamy. For my toppings, I had caramelized some onions, garlic, mushrooms, spinach, and some Daiya. I would have put some fresh tomato slices on too, but they’re not quite ready yet in the garden.

Before baking…
After baking 🙂





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