A New Cookbook

For those of you who live in the U.S. and know of Americas Test Kitchen-they have a new vegan cookbook- Vegan For Everybody”   My husband bought it for me this week and was very excited for me to look through and start trying the recipes. 

For those of you not in the U.S and have never heard of America’s Test Kitchen, they are a cooking show in which the chefs try countless variations of recipes until finding the absolute perfect one. I constantly hear non-vegans talking about their recipes and how absolutely amazing they are. I have watched a few episode (ones that seemed like they would be less meat centered) and I always wished they would start including vegan dishes. I haven’t had live t.v. in many years so I can’t say whether or not they have started featuring vegan recipes on the show-but I’m delighted they have created an entire cookbook full of vegan food.

Normally when I buy cookbooks I want to support vegan authors and vegan chefs. We are still a minority in the world and I think it is very important for vegans to support other vegans and vegan businesses. I knew “Vegan For Everybody”   was coming out but I didn’t consider buying it. After my husband bought it for me I got to thinking. Yes-we need to support vegan authors and businesses. But, the fact that America’s Test Kitchen (truly one of the most trusted cooking shows in America) is recognizing that vegan food is so delicious and versatile that they are willing to write an entire cookbook about it-I want to support the book! 

I’m excited about how many more people might be willing to try vegan cooking. It’s frustrating for me to say, but I feel like this might validate vegan food for people who are resistant and unwilling to think of vegan food as edible. I really love the last sentence on the back of the book:  

These aren’t just vegan recipes-they’re dishes everyone will get excited about. 

I feel like I frequently need to remind people that vegan food is just food-and everyone can eat it. That’s why I’m so excited that a mainstream, non-vegan cooking show is standing up to highlight this concept. 

As soon as I get a chance to cook something from the book I will definitely share my thoughts and photos. 


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